The Spicy Times blog has arrived.

Along with the weather, there are some things heating up over here at the club HQ.  The new Spring '19 line is launching this week (I'm STILL working on it), and with that some other new things from the brand.  The main thing being this here blog.

The point of this blog is to share what's going on in the world of SBC.  Shows we're playing, shows we're excited to attend, and more that give you a better feel for what the club is all about.  Along with the clothing, we'll also be showcasing events we're excited to attend, new music we've been loving, and anything we feel the club members might appreciate.

Another new addition to the brand is that we are now offering free shipping on any domestic orders $100 or more.  No promo code needed, this is a permanent change we're making to take care of the club members (see: you).

So, keep your eyes out for more things to come from this blog.  We'll be making some announcements very soon about new shows, and a few other things, so subscribe to stay in the loop about all things new and spicy.

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