Tunesday - The First Edition - July 2, 2019

I'd like to welcome everyone reading this to the first ever Tunesday, where we will be diving into some spicy music that has been recently banging on our ear drums.  We aim to feature the entire range of artists, from the titans of house and techno to local up-and-coming artists, and everything in between.

As some of you know, we host a monthly show in our stomping grounds of Santa Cruz, CA.  This past Saturday was our Summer Solstice House Party, where we wanted to focus on bringing in those good feeling summer vibes.  So, to kick things off (and until we can build up more content next week haha), here is the set that night played by yours truly.  In the future we'll be bringing you more sets from our shows, to help you get an idea of what they're like, just in case you feel like you're missing out.




Another part of Tunesday is the tunes.  Specifically, the tracks that we've been feeling, whether new or old.  We are all about hot sauce and house music, but since we can't provide hot sauce samples over the internet, here are a few tunes that might get you a bit excited.

If you listened to the mix above, you'll recognize a couple of these.  The first one up is a new track by Worthy (Dirtybird, Anabatic) and Matthew Anthony (Perfect Driver).  These guys have a track record of always releasing solid tunes with a fun twist to them, and this collab is no different.


Next up is this recently discovered heater that I put into my set as well, produced by Marco Corcella and Andrea Falsone for Be One Records.  As soon as I heard this track I switched up a few songs in my set list because I had to hear the lows in this song on a big system, they're just too good for home speakers.


To wrap up this first Tunesday, I'm gonna leave y'all with a bit of a throwback track that I've recently gotten back into.  I first heard the song maybe 10 years ago, but I know it's even older than that.  That must explain why I can't find a quality copy to throw into my sets.  So, if anyone happens to come across one, let me know!

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